C.S.Lewis’s classic children’s series The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe read by members of St. Andrews Presbyterian church. A New Chapter will be posted every week!

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Chapter 1- Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe (Read by Rob)

Chapter 2- What Lucy Found There (Read by Karen)

Chapter 3- Edmund and the Wardrobe (Read by Penny)

Chapter 4- Turkish delight (Read by Rick)

Chapter 5- Back on This side of the Door (Read by Rob)

Chapter 6- Into the Forest (Read by Karen)

Chapter 7- A Day with the Beavers (Read by Penny)

Chapter 8- What Happened After Dinner (Read by Rick)

Chapter 9- In The Witch’s House (Read by Rob)

Chapter 10- The Spell Begins to Break (Read by Karen)

Chapter 11- Aslan Is Near (Read by Penny)

Chapter 12- Peter’s First Battle (Read by Rick)

Chapter 13- Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time (Read by Rob)

Chapter 14- The Triumph of the Witch (Read by Karen)

Chapter 15 – Before the Dawn of Time (Read by Penny)

Chapter 16- What happened about the Statues (Read by Rick)

Chapter 17- The Hunting of the White Stag (Read by Rob)