September 19, 2017


To All of God’s People at St Andrews Presbyterian Church:

God makes everyone different, but it takes everyone to make a difference.  Stewardship is a partnership with God.  St Andrew’s partnership with God continues to grow as we are led by the Spirit.  We celebrate the intergenerational mission trip to Virginia this past July.  We give thanks for our ongoing commitment to Music and Youth Ministries.  We rejoice in our resources, including the building, which allow us to open our doors to those needing a place to host the Free Noon Meal, a new exercise class called “Band Together,” and the HOPES Shelter twice a year.  This year we look ahead to a new website and software, which will enable us to add online giving and to stream worship, sending God’s word and our praise out into the world.  Christ continues to work through us here at St.

  1. L. Kraft of the Kraft Cheese Corporation eloquently extolled, “The only investment that I ever made which has paid increasing dividends is the money that I have given to the Lord.” People give money for many different reasons. I pledge to St Andrews Stewardship Campaign every year for purely selfish reasons.  I pledge because I want St. Andrews to exist – and given your generosity, to thrive – because if it didn’t, there are so many things about it that I would miss terribly.  I would miss the church time on a Sunday thinking about God’s works, in a place where I feel accepted and loved.  I would miss the community of friends and neighbors that I have developed through this church.  I would miss the music.  I would miss the youth director’s always-entertaining time with children.  I would even miss the infamous potluck suppers and summer BBQ’s with the accompanying fellowship of my church friends.

Many churches are struggling because they have large facilities and fewer members.  Some churches have had to significantly cut their mission giving.  We have stayed true to our commitment of outreach.  We should celebrate that.  I encourage everyone to look at their giving to St. Andrews to keep this amazing community of faith relevant and expanding.  Look at not only the financial giving, but at the giving of your time and talent.  The greatest gift that one can give is their time, as it is something one can never get back.

This is my church home.  I have raised my family here, and now I am raising my grandchildren here.  Please join me here on October 22 for Stewardship Sunday to celebrate our church’s family now and into the future.  You are a congregation of generous people.  May you give generously to the church’s ministry and mission this year.  As you give, may you know the joy of giving and the satisfaction of knowing what an important presence this church is in Lebanon and in the world.

Blessings to each and all,


Elder Robert Lowrie
Your Stewardship Chair