There is a place on the southwest corner of the St. Andrews property, which up until mid-October was just a grassy spot under a small spreading tree.

But no more. This is now the site of a Little Free Library and a Little Free Pantry, thanks to Shelby Lister’s Eagle Scout Project. Shelby constructed two quaint, sturdy boxes with windowed doors and roofs. There are also two benches, inviting one to sit when the weather is nice.

The Little Free Library holds books to share with the community. The theme is “Take A Book, Leave A Book.” Whoever might pass, and browse is welcome to take a book to their liking, and likewise share a book, either one that had been borrowed and finished with or another. We encourage you to consider the content for adult and children books and be selective with your donations.

The Little Free Pantry is the same idea: non-perishable food items stock the “cupboard,” available to anyone passing by who has a need. The pantry has seen much use, even this early in its existence.

Donations are welcome for both the Little Free Library and the Little Free Pantry. St. Andrews members may leave donations in designated receptacles in the Narthex and in the Christian Ed hallway.

Many thanks to Shelby for his idea and his efforts, and congratulations on earning the rank of Eagle Scout.