Information for Videographers

St. Andrews is happy that you will be participating in an upcoming wedding and wants to help you and the wedding party in every way possible with your task of recording this special time in the lives of this couple with a video. The staff of St. Andrews strives to see that all weddings go as smoothly as possible for all concerned. The church has established certain policies and guidelines to assist you with regards to videography. We trust these guidelines will assist you as you, together with us, strive to do the very best job for the wedding couple.

No additional lighting is to be used in the sanctuary once the minister begins speaking during the service (during the processing is permitted). Video taping is permitted during the service (without additional lighting), provided that the videographer is unobtrusive and the camera is silent. Additional lighting may again be used from the time of "the kiss" through the recessional.

When the service is completed, the wedding party may return to the sanctuary for the taking of pictures. Video equipment must be stationary at the designated place for the entire service and must be set up prior to the arrival of guests.

The pastor or wedding coordinator will be available for instruction on designated stations for video equipment. We look forward to working with you to make this a special day for the wedding couple.