Information for Florists

We are pleased that you have been asked to participate in a wedding at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. We look forward to working with you and hope the following guidelines will be of help to you as you plan the floral arrangements and decorations for the upcoming wedding.

Our sanctuary does not require extensive decorations to make it a place for beautiful services such as weddings. The following guidelines are given to preserve the spiritual atmosphere and safeguard the furnings of the church.

Liners for the vases may be obtained through the church office. The church provides two black, wrought-iron candelabras to couples at no charge. The chancel does not lend itself to an overabundance of additional greenery. The florist should check with the wedding coordinator on the placement of additional decorations. An aisle runner is not necessary, but is permissible if the couple so desires.

The church furniture, carpet, and flooring must be protected at all times. Staples, nails, tape, and other items that may cause damage may not be used on the pews or elsewhere. Persons responsible for decorating the church will be responsible for any damage done to the building or furniture.

The florist may supply pew markers (e.g. greenery with bows) for reserved seating if the couple so desires. These markers may be attached to the pews in a way that causes no damage to the pews.

All decorations should be removed immediately following the wedding in order for the church to be ready for other services.