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"Our Understanding of Baptism

I Would Like for My Child to Be
Baptized at St. Andrews

Contact the Pastors and share that desire. The calendar will be checked for an available date and a Baptism Consultation will be scheduled. "For reasons of order, Baptism shall be authorized by the session, administered by a minister of the Word and Sacrament, and accompanied by the reading and proclaiming of the Word. (G-11.0103p; W-3.3602–.3608) Baptism is celebrated in a service of public worship." (W-2.3011a)

Does the Presbyterian Church Have Godparents?

"The congregation as a whole, on behalf of the Church universal, assumes responsibility for nurturing the baptized person in the Christian life. In exercising this ministry, the session may designate certain members of the congregation as representatives of the church charged with special responsibility for nurture. For any person who is being baptized, sponsor(s) may be appointed by the session in consultation with those desiring Baptism for themselves or for their children and given the specific role of nurturing the baptized person. (W-6.2001; W-6.2005)" (W-2.3013)