Denominational Giving

Basic Mission Support is the foundation of PC(USA) mission and the General Assembly Council mission budget and is able to provide monies for mission programs such as evangelism, church development and redevelopment, women's, youth and racial ethnic ministries, social concerns, education and leadership training.

Mission Funding provides food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, a voice for the unheard, a place of worship for the unchurched. Sharing the Word and Works of God with the world is the all-encompassing mission of our church.

Mission Funding and Development is the department that interprets the financial aspect of PC(USA) mission to the whole church and assists congregations, governing bodies and related program areas to develop financial resources they need to carry out their mission.

St. Andrews contributed for the general mission of the PC(USA) in 2011. The denominational ministries we support are as follows:

  • One great hour of sharing (Easter)
  • Pentecost Offering
  • Peacemaking Offering
  • Christmas Joy Offering
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance