Hospitality & Fellowship

It is the function of the Hospitality Ministry:

To plan and administer any special social and fellowship events and activities as may be approved, such as Coffee Hours, Dinners, Family Nights, concert receptions, 50-yr member receptions, etc.

Coffee Hours are provided each Sunday morning between worship services. Volunteers make this possible.

Concert Receptions take place following each of our Applause... concerts, a time of refreshment and the opportunity to meet and mingle with the performers.

We honor our Fifty-year Members each year on St. Andrews Day/Reformation Sunday, which falls on the last Sunday in October.

We have Potluck Suppers from time to time to mark various occasions.

To supervise the use and care of the church kitchens (in cooperation with the Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women and Housekeeping Committee of the Trustees).

The Hospitality committee serves as liaison between the Session and any social or fellowship groups of the church as may be approved and is responsible for the promotion of congregational activities and life to the membership and the community by the oversight of The St. Andrews Herald, church bulletin boards, articles and the church web page.