Women of the Congregation

Presbyterian Women in the congregation exists to build community, affirm women's calls to leadership, publicize and receive special offerings of mission opportunities, raise concerns and channel information to and from Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly.

Thank Offering - The PW Thank Offering originated in the late 1800's with Eliza Clokey of Springfield, Ohio. Her plan was to ask each woman to give a gift in addition to her usual contribution to the Women's General Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian Church of North America as a "thank offering to our Lord." In 1888, the women designated a day for prayer and thanksgiving when this special offering should be received. As a part of Celebration Giving, the Thank Offering continues to be given by Presbyterian Women. Forty percent of this offering is used to support hospitals and community health programs that place priority in helping the most needy members of God's community. The remaining sixty percent is used for new creative ideas for mission, undesignated in advance.

Birthday Offering - 2012 marks the 90th anniversary of this tradition known as the Birthday Offering. Presbyterian Women has given more than $28,505,445 in support of mission projects throughout the world. This offering funds projects that are not included in ongoing General Assembly mission support, such as agricultural development, child care, community organization, criminal justice, drug counseling, economic justice, elderly care, employment training, homelessness, literacy, violence, and women's concerns.

Blanket Sunday - Church World Service "Blanket & Tools" Contributions go to Church World Service, a ministry of the National Council of Churches, which provide Clean-up Kits, Health Kits, tools and blankets to those affected by natural disasters.

Bakeless Bake Sale - Each August the Presbyterian Women sponsor a bakeless bake sale. The proceeds benefit worthy local causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Lebanon Count Christian Ministries, Domestic Violence Intervention, Lebanon Rescue Mission, the Agape Family Shelter, Support the Troops, and a farther-reaching mission, Medical Benevolence Hospital in Haiti.