Grief Support

The Mourning Has Broken Grief Support Group at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church has been meeting monthly since 2005. We are strictly a support group, not a counseling group.

We meet at 2:00 PM, on the second Thursday of every month in the Cassel Chapel at St. Andrews. At the present time, the membership of the group consists of people who are members of St. Andrews and quite a few people who are not members, but heard about us and wanted to meet with us.

The content of our meetings is rather informal, mostly talking about concerns about the grieving process: sharing stories about the loved one we lost; asking questions about how we are feeling; dealing with special days like holidays, anniversaries, family celebrations; and other topics that might arise in the midst of our conversations.

We welcome anyone to come to our group, whether members of St. Andrews or not, no matter how long ago or how recent the loss, or the nature of the loss – father, mother, spouse, child, good friend. There is no charge to become part of our group, as this is part of the outreach mission of the church.

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church is located at 600 South 12th Street, Lebanon. The building is totally handicapped accessible. For more information, please call the church, 272-9933.